Driver! remember about the tyres – but wait for the weather breakthrough with replacement

For now, check the tyre pressure replace the tyres when the mornings are warmer than +7°C
Although everyone is eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring, it is better to wait for the weather to change before replacing the tyres. Before we start arranging tyre replacement, let's remember that winter tyres provide better grip and shorter braking distances on wet surfaces below +7° Celsius. Therefore, in many parts of the country it is better to wait until the mornings are warmer than + 7°C for good. Meanwhile, it is worth checking the tyre pressure. The amount of air selected during frosts – now, at temperatures slightly above 0°C, it will be too high and the tyres will not stick to the road with the entire contact surface. With the right pressure, our tyres will work longer.

– March and the beginning of April are the times of changeable weather, frequent precipitation, also snow and sleet. Let's wait before changing the tyres when the temperature in the morning will be above +7°C. As is the rule in the case of summer tyres – it is better to put them on a week too late than a day too early. Even if the temperature during the day exceeds +10°C, winter tyres will still cope with the road, while summer tyres will be very dangerous when the temperature drops and rainfall occurs. The braking distance on them will be longer by a few lengths of our car. Now, with the tyres in mind, let's adjust their pressure levels. If our all-season or winter tyres were recently inflated at -10°C – now, at +5°C, these tyres have too much pressure. You need to bleed the air a little – strengthens Piotr Sarnecki, General Director of the Polish Tyre Industry Association (PTIA).

As a reminder, we check the tyre pressure level before driving – never on hot tyres. There is no universal pressure level for all cars, as it is determined by the manufacturer of a given vehicle. The correct pressure level for our car can be found in its manual or on a sticker next to the driver's door or on the fuel tank flap.

If you are planning to buy new summer or all-season tyres, it is good to start getting interested in the topic – check the manufacturers' offer, see tyre tests in the appropriate or similar size. It's also worth looking for a decent tyre service where you can safely replace your tyres when it's warm. The Polish Tyre Industry Association together with the independent certification company TÜV SÜD introduced a system of evaluation and certification professional services based on an independent audit of equipment and qualifications of technical personnel. It is worth choosing workshops with a Tyre Certificate of the Polish Tyre Industry Association, which have been audited and thoroughly checked. Safe service is your safety!

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Source: Polish Tyre Industry Association