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Remember the 3P Rule: proper tyres, professional service, precise pressure
There is a lack of tyre training at an appropriate level on the market, adapted to high-quality service networks. The Polish Tyre Industry Association (PZPO) is launching the Tyre Academy in Piechanin near Poznań. Together with the experts, training in tyre service was prepared in an air-conditioned building, with a well-equipped training room, modern balancers, assembly machines, tyre repair stations, equipment for operating pressure sensors and a jack, as well as a theoretical training room and a road test.

In addition, due to the growing popularity of electric and hybrid cars, a training in G1 energy qualifications along with the SEP exam was prepared together with TÜV SÜD and the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP).


The ceremonial opening of the Tyre Academy was made by representatives of PZPO members and a special guest – Grzegorz Duda, who, based on his rally and workshop experience, said how important the skills of tyre mechanics are.

It is the first independent training center in the tyre industry in Poland, which enables scheduled courses for tyre service technicians and the acquisition of appropriate qualifications by new people entering this profession. You can sign up for training groups at After the training, exams are held and everyone receives a diploma. The training courses are available to everyone, but are dedicated to passenger and delivery tyre service.

– The Tyre Academy will train and promote proper tyre service and maintenance. It is not difficult, for example, to tear the tyre bead with too forceful assembly and an unsupervised tyre changer – it's a matter of a few seconds, lack of skills and bad habits. During our trainings, we will improve these skills in conditions as close to the workshop ones as possible. Our ambition is for the Tyre Academy to make a noticeable contribution to improving the quality of tyre service and thus increasing road safety – says Radosław Bółkowski, President of the Board of the Polish Tyre Industry Association (PTIA).

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Service skills will be known only in the service at the beginning. That they would be known and appreciated by customers and that they would not have to obtain a doctorate in tyre assembly technique, the Polish Tyre Industry Association together with an independent certification company TÜV SÜD introduced a system of evaluation and awarding professional services based on an independent audit of equipment and technical personnel skills. The map of the workshops that have passed the TÜV SÜD audit and received the Tyre Certificate can be found on the website

We want to support and promote websites that, on the one hand, care for customers, and on the other hand, apply appropriate work standards. After all, properly trained mechanics are also a good sleep for service owners. The confirmation of skills among mechanics is the Academy diploma. And for customers, the PZPO Tyre Certificate, which shows that the service can use these skills. To get it, the service must undergo an audit of equipment and skills as well as customer service, documented with photos. In many cases it is also a mystery shopper visit. This is where the driver will be sure that the work has been done technically correctly. At highway speeds, tyres are the second or third fastest rotating component in a car – after the motor shaft and turbine, if any. There is no room for assembly errors resulting from ignorance or haste. A decent service does not change tyres faster than in 40 minutes. with one mechanic per car – ads Piotr Sarnecki, General Director of the Polish Tyre Industry Association (PTIA).

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Source: Polish Tyre Industry Association