Sales of tyres in H1 2022

After a great first quarter, the slowdown returns
In the first half of 2022, tyre sales to the market increased in most segments: passenger car tyres increased by +9%, SUVs +18%, trucks +4%, vans +10%, motorcycle tyres +11%. On the other hand, decreases were recorded in the segment of tyres for agricultural machinery by -20% and industrial tyres (-6%). Growth is also visible in most segments on European markets.

In the second quarter alone, the reading of the data is less optimistic – sales grew only in the SUV segment (+10%) and motorcycle tyres (+4.2%). There were no changes in the truck segment, while in the remaining ones there were drops: tyres for passenger cars -7%, vans -15%, for agricultural machines -26%, and industrial

Sales of budget and mid-range tyres also increased, while slightly decreasing in the premium class.


– The results of tyre sales for the market in the second quarter are in line with our assumptions. High uncertainty in the economy and rising prices slowed down the dynamics recorded at the beginning of the year. However, looking back at the first six months, these results are still positive in most segments. An interesting example is motorcycle tyres. For several years, we have been observing the systematic development of this market segment. This is due, inter alia, to the growing popularity of two-wheelers in our country, the sales of which are still growing – uderlines Radosław Bółkowski, President of the Management Board of the Polish Tyre Industry Association (PTIA).

– An analysis of the data for the second quarter on the Polish market indicates that the next periods will be unknown. The impact of inflation, rising costs and commodity prices can be very clear in the perspective of the whole year. However, it is worth drawing conclusions from previous problems in the economy, because savings on tyres can be achieved by buying premium ones. Such tyres – in addition to better safety parameters – are also less likely to be damaged and have a longer service life, they also save fuel. When buying, it is worth considering the costs over the life of the tyres, not just the purchase price – explains Piotr Sarnecki, General Director of the Polish Tyre Industry Association (PTIA).


European tyre market


Q2 2022 confirms a positive trend both in the Consumer (+6%) and Truck (+11%) tyres segments compared to 2021. The economic recovery explains the positive evolution, however we assist to a slowdown in the Consumer segment.

The Agricultural tyre segment remains very negative, being the only category still below 2019 volumes.

We observe signs of declining demand and fear that the challenges linked to the rising cost of gas, the raw materials and the semi-finished products supply will maintain the industry under pressure – said Mrs Cinaralp, Secretary General of ETRMA.




Source: Polish Tyre Industry Association