Tyre Academy of PTIA – new partner, new trainings

The Academy of Practical Skills are experts in the field of mechanical and electrical systems of vehicles and a leading training team for car manufacturers and ASOs. Now it joins the group of partners of the PTIA Tyre Academy

Polish The Tyre Industry Association (PTIA) has a new partner within the Tyre Academy. Tyre experts together with mechanics experts from the Academy of Practical Skills (APU) have prepared new training programs, including unique training in motorcycle tyres and motorcycle rear axle mechanics. There are 1 or 2-day trainings available, which includenot only learning how to properly change motorcycle tyres , but also the principles of selecting tyres for the selected model or tyre construction elements.

All trainings of the Tyre Academy take place in a new, air-conditioned building, with a well-equipped training room, with modern balancers, assembly machines, tyre repair stations, equipment for operating pressure sensors and a lift including motorcycles, as well as a theoretical training room. It is the first independent training center in the tyre industry in Poland, whichwill enable scheduled courses for tyre service technicians and gain appropriate qualifications. Also, the training center of the Academy of Practical Skills in Międzydzychod near Poznań is a modern training facility for mechanical operation of vehicles.

You can sign up for training groups on the website.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Academy of Practical Skills, the training in the operation of electric cars and hybrids, awaited by the market, is also created – working with high voltage and 48V systems.

– Tyres rotate more than 1000 times per minute when driving at highway speed. They are the third fastest spinning element in a motorcycle, after the engine shaft and power transmission – but the only one of the three not made of metal. This means that the margin for production and service errors is very small, and the responsibility of the service is very high. We see more and more two-wheelers on our roads, and the safety of tyres is even more important in this case – there is no margin for error. Meanwhile, the rules for motorcycle tyres are even less popularised than in the case of car tyres – says Piotr Sarnecki, General Director of the Polish Tyre Industry Association (PZPO).

– We are experts in mechanical and electrical systems in vehicles, and PZPO in tyres. The joint offer, which we are constantly expanding, is comprehensive training programs. Thanks to dedicated training centers in Piechanin and Sochaczew, we have great flexibility in adapting training modules to the specific needs of customers – assures Rafał Kosiński, President of APU.

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Source: Polish Tyre Industry Association