Tyre sales in 2022

Decline in most segments, growth in SUV and motorcycle segment
In 2022, tyre sales to the market decreased in most segments: passenger car tyres fell by -4%, commercial tyres -4%, agricultural machinery tyres -17% and industrial tyres -11%. Increases were recorded only in the motorcycle tyre segment +4.8% and for SUVs +8%, while in the truck segment tyre sales were unchanged (0%). Declines can also be seen in most segments of European markets.

In the fourth quarter, the reading of the data was slightly less optimistic – sales grew only in the segment of truck tyres (+1%), and unchanged to SUVs (0%). Other segments recorded deep declines: tyres for passenger cars -18%, vans -10%, agricultural machinery tyres -33%, e-2 industries 8% and motorcycle tyres -22.3%.

– The decline in tyre sales to the market confirms the economic slowdown and the market's anticipation of what will happen in 2023 – both in the context of lower demand for cars and savings on household expenses. And although compared to the pandemic, tyre sales are much higher, there is uncertainty in this segment of the automotive industry. The year 2023 is a challenge for the entyre market – although it is expected that in the second half of the year the market environment may be slightly more favorable than at its beginning – emphasizes Jacek Pryczek, President of the Management Board of the Polish Tyre Industry Association (PZPO).

– The last quarter was characterized by declines in almost all segments, except for SUV and truck tyres. These declines are not as deep as in the very difficult year 2020. Over the whole year, tyres for SUVs and trucks, as well as motorcycles, have turned out to be positive points out Piotr Sarnecki, General Director of PZPO. – There are also interesting changes in the comparison of summer, winter and all-season tyres. In 2022, winter tyres decreased their market share by 4 percentage points to 43%. In turn, summer and year-round increased the share by 3 and 1 pp. Up to 39% and 18% respectively. Thus, the sales dynamics of all-season tyres have significantly decreased after several years of strong growth and it seems that it has reached the target position on the market – he adds.

European tyre market

Overall, the segment of Replacement Consumer tyres saw a decline of two per cent in 2022 compared to 2021, with a decrease of 10.1% in the last six months. The replacement truck and bus tyre market remained stable (+1%), despite a sharp decline of 8.2% in the second half. A similar pattern was followed also by moto tyres, whose sales remained stable (+0%), despite a 11% decline in the last quarter. Agricultural tyres saw negative figures throughout the year, resulting in a decline of 22% as overall year result. For original equipment (OE) tyres, year-end results are more positive with an increase of consumer tyres sales of +3.4% and of +4.7% for truck and bus. Compared to 2019, truck and bus OE tyre sales show an increase of +6.8%. OE consumer tyres remain instead still below pre-covid levels (-26%).

– Last year was characterised by two contrasting half-year results for European tyre manufacturers. We saw a positive trend in the first six months for Replacement Consumer tyres with 7.4% growth compared to 2021, combined with +10.3% for truck and Bus tyres. However, it turned into a challenging second half of the year. There is no doubt the war in Ukraine, and the subsequent increase in energy prices and higher cost of living, have impacted the industry’s replacement tyre sales in 2022 – said Adam McCarthy, General Secretary of The European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (ETRMA).

Source: Polish Tyre Industry Association