Tyre sales in Q1 2021

Growth in all major segments
According to the data of the Polish Tyre Industry Association (PTIA), in the first quarter of 2021 sales rebounded in all categories with the exception of industrial tyres. The increases are double-digit and allow for optimistic assumptions for the entire year: in the segment of passenger tyres +13%, SUV +30%, trucks +36%, vans +19%, motorcycles +30%, agricultural +18%. The sales of premium tyres noticeably increased – both in the passenger car and delivery segment (+33%) and the truck segment (+41%). Positive trends in tyre sales are also visible from the entire European perspective – which is confirmed by the data of the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers Association (ETRMA).

Very good sales data for the first quarter build optimism for the entire year 2021. You can see that there is a demand for tyres on the market. The most popular sizes have to be imported from other markets or wait for the next deliveries from factories. We have high hopes for vaccinations. Here, the issue of the health of each of us directly translates into the elimination of restrictions and unfrozen the economy points Maciej Winiarz, President of the Board of the Polish Tyre Industry Association (PTIA).

It is worth noting that the dynamics in Poland is much higher than in the entire Europe, which confirms the potential of our market in the long term. For the next quarter in a row, the highest increases are recorded by premium tyres ensuring the greatest safety on the road – the growing awareness of drivers in this regard is a very positive phenomenon ads Piotr Sarnecki, General Director of the Polish Tyre Industry Association (PTIA).

European tyres market


In this first quarter 2021, we are assisting to a positive recovery, after the deep negative year 2020, strongly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with several lockdowns all around Europe.

All the segments have registered a positive evolution compared to the first quarter 2020 and this is an encouraging factor. In this first quarter, the Truck segment is driving the growth with 18% increase, followed by the Moto and Scooter segment (17%), and the Consumer Tyres market (12%). The car-all seasons Tyres reached a 39% increase, followed by a 17% in the car winter tyres, where the summer tyres only recorded a 6% increase.

It is encouraging to see that in all the segments the market is recovering, and after the very difficult 2020 this is finally a good sign for our industry and for the society that is starting little by little to move again – said Mrs Cinaralp, Secretary General of ETRMA.

The timid increase in the Car Summer tyres is still linked to the Covid-19 effects, with many drivers who have not yet changed their tyres for the summer seasons, also due to the stringent travelling conditions still existing in many European countries.

I really hope that in the months to come, with the vaccination plan advancing all over Europe, travelling restrictions will be lifted allowing people to travel againconcluded Mrs Cinaralp.



Source: Polish Tyre Industry Association