Tyre sales in the third quarter of 2019

Increase in sales of tyres for motorcycles and SUVs

According to the data of the Polish Tyre Industry Association (PTIA), in the third quarter of 2019 tyre manufacturers and importers in Poland recorded an increase in sales in the segments SUV and motorcycle tyres – by 14% and 19% respectively. The sales dynamics of commercial tyres (-22%) and truck tyres (-1%) decreased. Less agricultural (-26%) and industrial (-8%) tyres were also sold.


After years of growth, we are currently observing the consolidation of the Polish market and the transition from a quantitative model to a greater interest in products from a higher segment (18″), sales of which are noting a double-digit growth (even a growth of over 20%, when compared to the same period of 2018), which reflects the ever better economic situation of the country. The declines recorded at the end of the third quarter can be explained by several factors – on the one hand the delay of the winter season and forecasts from the previous period, and on the other consumer behaviour resulting from, among others, changes in the types of mobility – states Giansimone Bertoli, president of the Board in the Polish Tyre Industry Association.

– Two segments break out of these weaker results – SUVs, with sales up by 14% and motorcycle tyres – by 19%. This shows the growing – and unflagging for several years now – popularity of these vehicle categories – adds Piotr Sarnecki, general director of the Polish Tyre Industry Association.


There was a decline in sales in all classes of passenger tyres. The sales dynamics of premium tyres decreased by 8%, and the mid-range and budget tyres by 9%.


European data for the third quarter of 2019 – although there were declines in sales in all tyre segments – confirm market stability. The sales of passenger tyres (including SUV and commercial tyres) decreased by 2% and by 8% when it comes to agricultural tyres. The sales dynamics of truck and motorcycle tyres also decreased by 2% in the last quarter of this year, however, the overall sales results for these segments of tyres in the first three quarters of this year are higher – by 3% for truck tyres and by 2% for motorcycle tyres – when compared to the same period of the previous year.

Source: Polish Tyre Industry Association